Where to find orienteering maps for the UK

With a number of national parks and open terrain areas, Britain has many locations ideal for orienteering. However, finding maps for these locations can be tricky.

The British Orienteering website

%d0%ba%d0%b5225British Orienteering is the main orienteering organisation in the country. It links many smaller groups, but also hosts its own events and its website is also probably the best map-finding resource. The website splits the map by region and for each region provides a list of locations that sell maps and also lists some information about the maps, such as difficulty level, distance, car parking information, and some information about the local area.

The website also offers some maps of some areas as free downloads as well as an interactive map that roughly shows the spread of orienteering locations across the UK. It also provides a directory of local orienteering organisations. Overall, the website can either give you the map you want or show you where to get it.

The website also contains information about upcoming events with another interactive satellite map that shows the location, time and date of the event, as well as difficulty. This map shows all events for the ten weeks in advance.

Local Clubs

There are a number of local orienteering clubs across the country. The members are the most likely people to know the complete list of maps and trails in their local area. Most of the clubs have websites with trail locations, as well as maps available either free or to buy. Packs of multiple maps are sometimes available in the same way. These sites often give physical locations where you can buy maps and provide information on local events.


Visitor Centres

Because a number of trails are in natural or historical sites, physical maps can also be found for sale in places like woodland trusts or museums. These maps will usually be for a local nature reserve, and many orienteering organisations have links to the local wildlife and nature groups. Information on which sites sell maps can usually be found on the local orienteering group sites, or even on the British Orienteering website.

Make your own

If you can’t find the map you’re looking for, then why not make your own? There are apps, some free, that will allow you to create your own maps online and you can do the trail physically to place down control markers. You could then switch maps with your friends to see if they can find their way.